Confession of an Office Furniture Salesperson

I've been selling office furniture for over two decades; that's merely a statement. But  being able to say that I have lived through and survived the transition of the Internet era is more than a survival story - it has been, and continues to be a lesson in human buying behavior. 

A corporate culture that provides employees an environment that drives productivity is the most critical factor in business success. And where employees spend most of their time; their chair, desk, conference room or cafeteria also have a direct correlation to physical and mental benefits, equally important in driving productivity. 

In the pre-Internet era I could easily tout my expertise about interior design and the ideal furniture configurations for any business; from hospitals to law firms to solo CPA practitioner.  The Internet has changed the dynamics of all business transactions and transferred knowledge and power exclusively to the buyer: A few mouse-clicks and a search for "executive office chair" yields literally million results and unlimited results pages. 

On the surface it may appear that the Web has neutralized, or at times even dismissed the need for a furniture salesperson; driven by the newly discovered power, buyers can download specifications and shop for the lowest price from the comfort of their home or office. 

"Not so fast" I say.

Here's what I have observed and it works with every client we engage with; While 'Knowledge is Power", time is our most valuable and irreplaceable resource. All of us have started a simple search only to stop a few hour later and realize how much time we've wasted. It is tempting to jump at the first "deal" we see on the Internet - if you know which product you are want and all you're doing is a pricing search, then by all means, go for it - but dot the old I and cross the old T and always read the fine print. Remember, "if it is too good to be true, it is too good to be true."

For those who are not sure of their needs or whether the furniture is high quality or whether it will fit within your space restrictions - we offer the good old personalized, experienced and knowledgeable service. It does not come with a premium price - in our world, not much has changed despite the Internet - we know furniture, we know space and we know...people. 

Time is money and we want to spare you from the agony of having to return items you purchased - it disrupts your day and your office. This isn't a sales pitch but truly a culture that we've adopted and stuck with in the course of over three decades in the offiice furniture business. 

We look forward to serving you, 

Mitch Grossman and the Office Furniture Solu